Chile cries out for reforms, unrest in Haiti, and a regional plan to protect environmental rights defenders

Posters, audio samples and drawings on the walls of the GAM (Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center) provide an audiovisual reading on the 100 days of protests, in Santiago, Chile, 26 January 2020, Fernando Lavoz/NurPhoto

Historical demands and deficits in the enjoyment of rights in Chile

“The demonstrations of dissatisfaction and protests registered in Chile since October 2019 are the result of the expression of a growing, accumulated and intergenerational dissatisfaction in relation to access to and enjoyment of social rights, public services and better levels of wellbeing.”

Haiti — Political uncertainty and social unrest

“On multiple occasions, journalists covering breaking political news or protests have been shot at by protesters, security forces, and even elected officials”.

Killings of human rights defenders — urgent action is needed: Escazu Now!

“This agreement is a major leap forward in the protection and safeguarding of human rights defenders in environmental matters.”

In brief:

Defining the right to be forgotten

Criminalizing journalistic practices

Confusion and censorship during Venezuela’s National Assembly session

  • The platforms YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were blocked by the state internet provider, Compañía Anónima Nacional Teléfonos de Venezuela (Cantv), from 9:00 am until after 11:30;
  • More than 300 press representatives and 60 media outlets had been accredited days ago to cover the session; on 5 January, however, all press members were blocked from entering and subject to register again, in a new list organized by the Ministry for Communications and the National Bolivarian Guard. After registering, only 60 journalists and 30 outlets were re-accredited and let in.
  • Teams that stayed outside covering the opposition attempts to enter the National Assembly reported intimidation from security forces.
  • Even later that day, some media outlets reported that non-uniformed members of security forces were placed in front of their headquarters.




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IFEX is a global network of organisations that defend and promote the right to freedom of expression and information. Email:

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