All-women radio in Somalia, a radio breakthrough in Guinea-Bissau, and a shocking sentence for a humanist

A female presenter reads the news at one of Mogadishu’s radio stations, Somalia, 12/08/2012, UN Photo/Tobin Jones

Guinea-Bissau’s radios stations can ride the waves again

In a major breakthrough, authorities in Guinea-Bissau agreed to allow 77 out of the 79 radio stations back on air, following negotiations with the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) and its partners — the journalists’ union SINJOTECS and the association of community broadcasters RENARC.

All-women radio launched in Somalia

Somalia is widely considered to be the most dangerous country for journalists to operate in, in Africa. The recent launch of Bilan, an all-women radio station in Somalia, is a massive feat.

Ugandan LGBTQI+ champion receives award

Frank Mugisha — a human rights champion and one of the few openly LGBTQI+ activists in Uganda — was awarded the Civil Rights Defenders of the Year Award 2022 alongside Xheni Karaj from Albania.

Punitive sentencing for Nigerian humanist

After spending two years in detention, Nigerian humanist and activist Bala Mubarak was sentenced to a further 24 years, for blasphemy. “Bala, a former Muslim and the president of the Humanist Association of Nigeria, was arrested in April 2020 for what authorities said were social media posts blasphemous toward Islam,” as reported by DW.

Malawian investigative unit attacked

It was a stressful month for Malawian online investigative journalism news outlet Platform for Investigative Journalism (PIJ), which found itself on the receiving end of police harassment and a cyber attack, after publishing an article that the country’s Attorney General (AG) Thabo Chakaka-Nyirenda had allegedly allowed Malawi’s Police Service to sign a lucrative contract with a businessman already under investigation for corruption.

The Gambia: dangerous post-election rhetoric

The Gambia’s progress as a fledgling democracy seems to be on the rise, after it peacefully held its second parliamentary elections since former dictator Yahya Jammeh had to be forcibly ousted out of power following his electoral defeat in 2016. Since the departure of Jammeh the country has seen vast improvements in its press freedom index.

In brief

Somalian journalist Abdisalan Ahmed Awad is being detained in an undisclosed location in Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Somaliland, over his post about being attacked by supporters of the region’s president.



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IFEX is a global network of organisations that defend and promote the right to freedom of expression and information. Email: